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King Kong world premiere

King Kong

Story by Jack Foley

PETER Jackson’s King Kong remake has finally had its world premiere in New York amid a flurry of positive reviews.

The $207m movie, which is currently the most expensive ever made, is Jackson’s eagerly-anticipated follow-up to the Lord of the Rings trilogy starring Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody and Jack Black.

All three joined Jackson at the world premiere in the Big Apple, which was marked with a 20ft King Kong model dominating Times Square.

The director told reporters at the premiere that he had wanted to remake King Kong since he was 12, and had even tried using a hand-held camera, but it hadn’t worked out.

But the wait (and cost) looks to have been worth it as Jackson looks to have delivered something that may even surpass the quality of his epic Tolkien trilogy.

Certainly, if early press reviews are anything to go by, King Kong should become another box office monster itself.

Both The Times and The Daily Mail have posted early positive reviews, hailing Jackson’s film as another instant classic – both technically impressive and emotionally engaging.

It was one of the qualities that first attracted Watts to the part.

When discussing with reporters why she signed on for the role, she revealed: “It seemed like a great idea – Peter Jackson, the king of effects, and this lovely story which still stands up even in the 1930s version when you don’t buy those effects, it still manages to really hold you.

“I just thought that combined with Peter Jackson’s brilliant talents in the whole CGI world, it sounded like a great idea.”

King Kong is more than three hours long and ran $32m (£18m) over budget, costing a record $207m (£116m), but distributor Universal is reportedly delighted with the result.

Audiences should be too when the film opens in the UK on December 15, 2005.