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Leonardo DiCaprio donates $3m to save Nepal's tigers

Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond

Story by Jack Foley

ACTOR Leonardo DiCaprio has donated $3 million (£1.85 million) to help save tigers in Nepal.

The contribution was made to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) via his charitable foundation and will be used to significantly increase the number of tigers in Nepal by 2022 – the next year of the tiger.

A statement released by the actor, whose films include Inception and Blood Diamond, said that he hoped the money will actually “exceed the goal” of doubling Nepal’s current tiger population, which has been in serious decline due to poaching.

Part of DiCaprio’s money will be put towards helping enforce anti-poaching patrols and protecting and restoring areas for the tigers to breed in Nepal.

To date, the foundation has helped increase the tiger population in Nepal’s Terai Bardia National Park from 18 to 50.

Carter Roberts, president of the WWF, commented: “His [DiCaprio]‘s foundation is all about delivering real results for conservation on the ground and empowering local communities; nowhere is that more evident than in Nepal.”

Earlier this year, the foundation raised $38.8 (£23.9m) million through donations and an art auction at Christie’s in New York.

DiCaprio, who also appeared in The Great Gastsby and Django Unchained in UK cinemas this year, will next be seen reuniting with Martin Scorsese for The Wolf of Wall Street, due out on January 17, 2014.

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