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Lethal Weapon 5 is a possibility

Lethal Weapon

Story by Jack Foley

A FIFTH Lethal Weapon movie could be in the works…

According to Deadline, original stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are looking into the possibility with original director Richard Donner.

If successful, Donner would once again direct, while Channing Gibson (who penned Lethal Weapon 4) would write the script.

There is still some way to go before anything is confirmed but Warner Bros would once again serve as distributor.

The original Lethal Weapon launched in 1987 and became a runaway success, running to four films and grossing $955.2 million worldwide. The last one was released in 1998.

A recent TV series has also proved successful, with a sophomore season commissioned.

The Lethal Weapon film franchise followed ageing LAPD homicide cop (Glover) as he is partnered with a renegade, and possibly suicidal, narc squad (Gibson) veteran for a series of increasingly wild investigations.