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Madonna 'banned' from US cinema chain

12 Years A Slave

Story by Jack Foley

POP queen Madonna has reportedly been “banned” from a world famous Texas cinema chain in America.

The singer fell foul of the chain’s zero tolerance policy when she was caught texting during the recent premiere of 12 Years A Slave in New York.

According to various reports, Madonna drew the anger of fellow viewers for using her Blackberry repeatedly at the Walter Reade Theater in New York’s Lincoln Center, prompting one woman to tap her on the shoulder in a bid to request her to stop. The plea fell on deaf ears.

As a result, the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain, which operates a series of boutique cinemas in the US known for selling food and drink at performances, has decided to ban the singer from all its premises until she apologises.

Announcing the move via Twitter, co-founder and CEO Tim League confirmed: “Until she apologizes to movie fans, Madonna is banned from watching movies.”

He went on to tell US publication Entertainment Weekly that while his Tweet initially was sent as an “offhand joke” and “a spur of the moment 140 characters”, he remains determined to stick to his guns so that the point can be underlined that it’s rude to text in cinemas.

“Now that it seems to have taken hold, sure, I’m going to enforce it,” he said. “I’m serious, but I don’t think it really affects her life that much.”

Twelve Years a Slave is directed by Steve McQueen and stars British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor as a real historical figure named Solomon Northup who was captured by slavers in Washington DC in 1841 and sold into slavery on the plantations of Louisiana.

The film is already being viewed as a strong Oscar favourite. It will be at the London Film Festival later this week.

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