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Marley & Me: Aniston and Wilson attend premiere

Marley & Me, UK Premiere

Story by Jack Foley

JENNIFER Aniston and Owen Wilson braved a cold night in London to attend the UK premiere of their new film Marley & Me on Monday, March 2, 2009.

The Hollywood duo, who topped the US box office over Christmas with the canine tale, based on real life columnist John Grogan’s best selling autobiographical novel, spent time chatting with fans and signing autographs, as well as posing for photos.

Aniston, 40, was dressed in a blue dress with bare shoulders, while Wilson sported a navy suit. The former quickly put on a jacket after getting inside of the Odeon Leicester Square.

The film follows the fortunes of a couple who are taught a few life lessons by “the world’s worst dog”, a Golden Labrador named Marley who proves a disruptive element in their lives, as well as an integral part of their growing family.

The part of Marley, who ages around 15 years though the movie, was played by 22 different dogs throughout filming.

Both Wilson and Aniston are real-life dog owners and said that they had no problem being upstaged by their canine co-stars. If anything, the dogs bad habits gave them more to work with during scenes.

The two earlier attended a press conference where they spoke about the film and why they felt it was such a huge hit with US audiences. The film became the first Christmas holiday feature to pass the $100 million in January.

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