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Martin Scorsese forced to cut sex scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

Story by Jack Foley

MARTIN Scorsese has been forced to cut sex scenes and nudity from his new film, The Wolf Street of Wall Street in order to avoid the dreaded NC-17 rating in the US.

The film has now been classified R now that the legendary and revered filmmaker has agreed to trim certain raunchy scenes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The eagerly anticipated film reunites Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio in the true story of disgraced Wall Street broker and hedonistic party boy Jordan Belfort. It is based on Belfort’s memoir of the same name.

According to the report, Scorsese and US distributor Paramount had several exchanges with the ratings board to establish what was needed to secure an R rating – although it’s not immediately clear what has been chopped.

The film has already been subject to a cut in order to trim its running time. It had been due for release in November but owing to a director’s cut that was reportedly well in excess of three hours, Paramount allowed Scorsese more time to trim things to a more appealing length.

The film now clocks in at 2 hours and 59 minutes, including credits, and will open in US cinemas on Christmas Day, with a UK release to follow in January.

The Wolf of Wall Street is now officially Scorsese’s longest film, beating his previous best, Casino, by one minute.

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