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Marvel unveil Guardians of the Galaxy movie and characters at Comic-Con

Guardians of the Galaxy

Story by Jack Foley

MARVEL Studios have confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy will be their next big superhero movie, to arrive in August 2014.

Kevin Feige, speaking at San Diego Comic-Con, also revealed which of the cosmic super-team would feature in the film.

Obviously, the Guardians’ leader, Rocket Raccoon, will feature prominently and helped set the ball rolling by being shown in a slide.

But other characters will be Gamora, the adopted daughter of Thanos; Drax The Destroyer, a powerful alien whose sole purpose in life is to destroy Thanos; Groot, a super-smart living plant who can regenerate himself; Rocket Racoon, a talking, bipedal space raccoon who is also an expert marksman, and Star-Lord, a former Earth astronaut called Peter Quill who becomes a super-powered galactic cop.

Feige stopped short at unveiling any cast, plot or director but concept art does exist and while the Guardians may be perceived as a risky choice for a potential new blockbuster franchise, the foundations have already started to be laid.

Thanos, the character introduced at the very end of Marvel Avengers Assemble is a nemesis of at least two characters, so looks to be a big part of the Marvel set-up.

No matter, the announcement reportedly drew an enthusiastic response from the Comic-Con crowd, many of whom – admittedly – are Marvel devotees!

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