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Ewan McGregor to join giant cast?

Ewan McGregor In The Ghost

Story by Tim Carson

EWAN McGregor is the latest name to be linked with Bryan Singer’s Jack The Giant Killer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter McGregor is in talks to join the film which is a re-telling of the classic fairytale Jack And The Beanstalk.

Nichols Hoult has already been cast as Jack and Billy Nighy and John Kassir will play the two heads of the two-headed leader of the giants.

The screenplay is being written by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Supects, Valkyrie) and will apparently be the story of how Jack leads a mission to rescue a princess who’s been capture by giants.

McGregor (last seen in The Ghost, above right) is believed to be in line to play the head of the king’s elite guard who helps Jack with the rescue.

Stanly Tucci has also been cast apparently as an advisor to the king and a villain with plans to sieze power but that has not been confirmed.

Not much else is known about the film, which is due for release by New Line and Legendary Pictures sometime next year.

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