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Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo to star in Joe Carnahan's Leo From Toledo

Edge of Darkness

Story by Jack Foley

MEL Gibson and Frank Grillo are to co-star in new action thriller Leo From Toledo from director Joe Carnahan.

The film will follow a former hitman for the Kansas City mob who is now living in witness protection and having trouble with his memory.

The logline continues: “What he does remember, he wants to forget. But what he has forgotten has now made him a hunted man with precious little time to save the one thing he has left: his estranged daughter and granddaughter.”

Carnahan, best known for thrillers such as The Grey and The A-Team, said in a statement: “Leo is the kind of movie I love to make, it’s funny and heartfelt with a ton of great action.

“Being able to work with Mel, and Frank again is a real gift. It rarely happens that you get to make films with the people you love and respect, so I consider myself blessed. I feel like Leo is a ‘return to form’ of sorts for Mel. The script allows him to be both funny and dramatic at different turns and I can’t wait to see what he does with that character.”

The trio of Carnahan, Gibson and Grillo are already working on sci-fi action-thriller Boss Level, which is in post-production.

Gibson was equally enthusiastic about the reunion, stating: “I’ve seldom had more fun than sitting in a writers room with producer Lawrence Grey and writer-director Joe Carnahan, while we spit-balled on this story. It’s a tight, fast thriller, but its quirky observations had me in stitches.”

Gibson is next set to direct a remake of The Wild Bunch, although the project doesn’t yet have a start date.

Grillo is best known for his appearances as the villain Crossbones in the Marvel movies and for starring in The Purge franchise. He is currently starring in the police thriller Black and Blue with Naomie Harris.