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Miami Vice - Gong Li/Naomie Harris interviews

Colin Farrell and Gong Li in Miami Vice

Interview by Rob Carnevale

GONG Li and Naomie Harris talk about appearing in Miami Vice and how they went about building their chemistry with the new-look Crockett and Tubbs.

Gong Li

Q. How did you establish your chemistry with Colin Farrell?
A. The first time I met Colin was in Michael Mann’s office. We met for the first time and got to know each other. He’s a very good man and we had a very good working relationship together. As for a lot of the most important scenes between our characters, Michael [Mann] put them deliberately towards the end of the shooting schedule so that by that point we’d been able to build up quite a good relationship over the course of eight months.

Q. How easy was it to pick up the dance moves? And how did you find Colin as a dancer?
A. I think Colin didn’t have to spend as much time learning the salsa. He has a very good foundation in dancing. It was more difficult for me at first because salsa is very different from Asian styles of dancing. Different parts of the body have to move so I had to spend a lot more time working on it than Colin.

Q. What was it that appealed to you about making Miami Vice. And did you notice many differences between working in America and working in China?
A. The most important thing that attracted me to making my second film in Hollywood was Michael Mann. He’s one of the world’s greatest directors and I really wanted to work with him. Secondly, I also had the opportunity to work with these two great lead actors as well.
As for differences between making films in America and in China, one big difference is in terms of the scale of the budgets involved. In America, of course, budgets tend to be much bigger so it’s possible to make certain kinds of films that you just can’t make in China.

Q. Were you surprised by the amount of technology that’s available to both the police and the drugs traffickers? Are you any good with technology?
A. I’m very surprised and impressed by the machinery and technology that they use, especially the cops. But on the bad side, we also got to use some pretty high-tech stuff. As for myself, I’m not so good at those kind of things.

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Naomie Harris

Q. How did you come to feel so at ease with your Oscar-winning co-star Jamie Foxx, especially during the intimate scene?
A. I had a fantastic time with Jamie. I laughed all the time and I think he’s absolutely amazing. But one of my most nerve-wracking scenes was obviously the love-making scene. I was really worried about that even though I had no reason to worry at all, actually. Michael was very sweet and said from day one that he’d get me a body double because I was really worried about it being graphic. But at the end of the day, now having seen it I would have done it because it was done so tastefully and that scene is so beautiful. Actually, it ended up being the most fun I had in making any scene. There were only about 10 people in the room and we just played – it was great.

Q. Were you surprised by the amount of technology that’s available to both the police and the drugs traffickers? Are you any good with technology?
A. Going undercover with the DEA and seeing all the equipment they use was astonishing. It really opened my eyes to a world that I knew absolutely nothing about. But I’m not hi-tech at all. I can get onto the Internet but that’s about it.

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