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Miami Vice - Preview

Miami Vice poster (2006)

Preview by Jack Foley

ONE of the most popular television shows of the 1980s could well become one of the most popular movies of 2006 if early preview footage is anything to go by.

Miami Vice finds Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx stepping into the (at times) sockless shoes worn by Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas.

The keenly-anticipated movie boasts better credentials than most TV to big screen cash-ins, the most notable of which is the presence of director, Michael Mann, who served as executive producer of the original series.

He seems better poised than anyone to deliver the film given the first-hand knowledge he has of the original material.

Yet as good as the newly released online trailer looks, there is cause for concern if you believe some of the reports from the set.

According to the New York Post, for example, the $120 million pre-production budget has spiralled into something approaching the $200 million mark, while the three-month shoot tripled in length and became hindered by the hurricane season.

There were also rumours that Farrell has had trouble working with Mann, a known perfectionist, and that the lure of Miami’s night-time hotspots proved too much to resist, resulting in Farrell developing ‘man-boobs’.

His co-star Foxx reportedly asked for more money following his Oscar for Ray – a request that studio, Universal, granted.

Miami Vice is due for release in July 2006 and co-stars Gong Li, Naomie Harris and Spanish star, Luis Tosar.

Plot details remain sketchy and the teaser trailer does little to give anything away – save for the action has been updated to present day but features the same blend of fast cars, even faster boats and gunplay.

Tubbs is introduced to Crockett while working undercover transporting drug loads into South Florida to identify a group responsible for three murders.

Crockett, meanwhile, gets romantically entangled with Isabella, the Chinese-Cuban wife of an arms and drugs trafficker, while working undercover on the same case.

Set difficulties aside, this still looks like a pretty hot ticket – and you can’t argue against Mann’s track record thus far (Collateral, Heat and The Insider to name but a few).

There’s no word, as yet, on whether we can expect cameos from any of the original cast members.

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  1. Cannot wait to see this. Michael Mann is a master film-maker. Foxx looks perfect as Tubbs and even Farrell looks pretty much on the money as Crockett.

    Richard    Jan 2    #