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Miles Teller to play Goose's son in Top Gun sequel

Bleed For This

Story by Jack Foley

MILES Teller is to play the son of fighter pilot Goose in Top Gun 2, aka Top Gun: Maverick.

Teller will line up alongside Tom Cruise in the long-in-the works sequel that sees Cruise reprising his role as hot-shot pilot Maverick.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the role of Goose’s son was hotly contested among young actors in Hollywood, with some even travelling to Cruise’s home in Clearwater, Florida, for the testing process.

Other contenders included Nicholas Hoult and Glen Powell, who both reached the latter stages, as well as Dylan O’Brien.

It is not being revealed how Goose’s son fits into the new story, which will find Maverick and company having to navigate the changes in aerial combat posed by drones.

Joseph Kosinski, who previously worked with Cruise in sci-fi thriller Oblivion, is directing the movie, which is also bringing back Val Kilmer’s rival pilot, code-named Iceman.

Goose was memorably played by Anthony Edwards in the Tony Scott-directed original, becoming a fan favourite. His character provided the emotional spine to the movie when he was killed by accident during a training session.

Teller last starred in the gritty dramas Thank You For Your Service and Only The Brave, the true-life firefighting movie that Kosinski also directed.

He was also notable for playing a young drummer in Damien Chazelle’s Oscar-winning Whiplash.