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My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Luke Wilson interview

Luke Wilson in My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Compiled by Jack Foley

LUKE Wilson chats about being part of a showbiz family, appearing in the film version of Dallas and ‘sleeping with Uma Thurman’s superhero’ in Ivan Reitman’s comedy, My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Q: What is it like to be part of a showbusiness family?
A. It’s interesting. Well, this is the first time, these last few weeks where I’ve thought: “Gosh. Are we out there too much?” I’ve seen his ad, I’ve seen my ad, and I’ve thought: “I wonder what my friends are thinking.” You don’t want to get over exposed. We don’t want to become like Brad and Angelina.

Q: Does it make family life hard?
A. I don’t know. We had a pretty ideal childhood. I mean our parents are still together. We grew up in Dallas, Texas. It’s just kind of in the suburbs. We’ve had our share of kind of hard times like any other family.

Q: Was it a difficult choice deciding to become an actor?
A. Yeah. It’s funny, sometimes when you meet like a little kid or a really old person here in the States because they’ll say: “Well, what do you doing?” And I would say: “I’m an actor.” “Really? How is that going? I hear that’s a tough business.” “Tell you what, it’s going well.”

Q: Are your friends jealous that you get to work with beautiful women?
A. They always ask what’s she like? Did you actually get to sleep with her in real life? If so, how was it?

Q: What are you saying?
A. Sometimes I lie, sometimes I tell the truth. No [laughs], I’ve been lucky that I have really worked with people I’ve gotten along with. I mean some people you get along with more than others, but I’ve never really had a kind of nightmare situation. My friends always want to know what certain people are like whether it’s like Hackman or Uma or Will Ferrell or something.

Q: Have you faced any sort of similar situation, minus the superpowers of course, in a break-up?
A. Not really. I’ve always been lucky enough that they just hated me at the end. They haven’t wanted to kill me. But my oldest brother, Andrew, he seems to have gone through a few really bad break-ups. He had this girl who lit some newspaper on fire and just threw it on the sunroof of his car and torched the car. Well, the great thing was he borrowed Owen’s car that day.

Q: If I’m to look for a message in the film, do you think that this goes against men or for men?
A. I would say it’s kind of for men. I‘d say it’s kind of from a male’s perspective. I remember saying: “I think it will be funny if the guy had a little bit of an edge when she starts to break-up with him as opposed to him just being really scared of her all the time.” Luckily, we can’t do certain things if he’s terrified. And including the stuff with Rainn Wilson where you’ve got two friends who know nothing about women, and you have them give each other this kind of really off the market advice about how to deal with things. That’s funny!

Q: Do you have any new projects coming up?
A. I’m going to do a thriller with Sarah Jessica Parker called Vacancy. Then I’m going to do a film version of the TV show Dallas.

Q: Who are you playing?
A. Bobby Ewing.

Q: Did you watch the show when you were younger?
A. Yeah, as a kid. I liked it as a kid, I mean I was in about the fourth grade when the whole “who shot JR” craze was around. I thought it was more like a documentary when I was a kid though. Who’s that boy? And who’s that girl? So, yeah, I was kind of watching it, without understanding it probably.

Q: How did you enjoy the bed-making scene in My Super Ex-Girlfriend?
A. I laughed when we were making that scene because people would say: “What was it like to be in bed with Uma all day?” All I can remember is the two kind of burly set guys down there shaking the bed – cigarettes dangling out of their mouths. But no, I can’t say that I’ve ever had something quite that earth-shattering happen to me in real life. (Watch the scene)

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