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My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Review

Luke Wilson and Uma Thurman in My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

IT MAY boast an intriguing premise but there’s nothing that super about Ivan Reitman’s latest comedy in spite of the best efforts of its talented cast.

Luke Wilson stars as mild-mannered everyman Matt Saunders, who believes his luck has changed when he starts to date the beautiful Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman), a shy girl he met on a train. But far from being a shrinking violet, Jenny is actually G-Girl, a super-heroine who is more than a little insane.

Hence, when Matt begins to show an interest in co-worker Hannah Lewis (Anna Faris), G-Girl becomes jealous and vows to take revenge once she is dumped.

While amusing in places, the ensuing scenario doesn’t play out as funnily as the concept suggests mostly because of its inconsistent tone. The film doesn’t seem to know whether to opt for adult-orientated slapstick comedy or play it safe for the teen market. By opting to attempt both, it just feels awkward.

There’s also little or no explanation as to why G-Girl is quite so emotionally insecure and unstable, making her character very difficult to appreciate, while Wilson’s Matt is simply too nice to warrant some of the embarrassments he’s forced to endure.

And there’s a number of support characters who are simply too one-dimensional, clogging up the screen in a painful attempt to generate extra laughs – such as Eddie Izzard’s super-criminal, Professor Bedlam, who has the obvious hots for Jenny, Wanda Sykes’ annoyingly-PC office boss, and Rainn (The Office) Wilson, Matt’s best friend and male chauvenist who consistently offers bad and unfunny advice.

It’s a shame because My Super Ex-Girlfriend does boast some genuinely nice performances from its three main leads. Thurman handles her comic material well and is clearly having fun in psycho girlfriend mode, particularly when wielding a chainsaw or tossing a Great White Shark at her lover, and Wilson delivers some wonderful reactions to the crazy situations he consistently finds himself in (whether dodging said shark or standing naked in front of an office presentation).

Faris, too, is far better here than she’s been in lame comedies such as Waiting and Scary Movie but frustratingly continues to be let down by the quality of her material. It’s a tribute to her perseverence that she manages to sustain some nice chemistry with Wilson.

But by the time the film reaches its tired and drawn out conclusion, it has clearly run out of ideas and resorts to a special effects heavy finale that fails to dazzle or excite.

Viewers won’t hate being ‘romanced’ by My Super Ex-Girlfriend but they will feel like Reitman has missed a very big opportunity to poke some serious fun at a busy genre. As a result, they should jilt any immediate urge to see it and maybe wait for a raunchier version on DVD.

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Certificate: 12A
Running time: 90mins