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Neil Marshall boards The Last Voyage of the Demeter

Neil Marshall directs Doomsday

Story by Jack Foley

HORROR director Neil Marshall, whose credits include the classic The Descent, has boarded vampire film, The Last Voyage of the Demeter.

The project, which has been seeking a director for some time, is based on the story of the Demeter, the ship that transported Dracula from Transylvania to London in Bram Stoker’s classic tale.

According to events in the 1897 novel, the ship washes up on the shores of England with only one raving-mad survivor.

The screenplay was, incredibly, written a decade ago by Bragi Schut (of Season of the Witch fame) and takes place on board the vessel as the crew is slaughtered one-by-one by its mysterious passenger.

Over the years, the project has attracted directors including Robert Schwentke and Marcus Nispel and almost got underway last year under the stewardship of Twilight: Eclipse director David Slade with a cast that included Ben Kingsley and Noomi Rapace.

However, those plans fell through leaving the script yet again in search of a new director.

With Marshall attached, a new cast needs to be found but backer Millennium Films is hopeful that their film will now finally see the light of day.

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