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Noah Wyle in running to play Steve Jobs

Falling Skies: Season 1

Story by Jack Foley

FORMER ER star Noah Wyle is a front-runner to play Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in a new film being written by Aaron Sorkin.

The actor, who is in the UK to promote his current series, Falling Skies, told BBC Breakfast that he would give his ‘high teeth’ to play Jobs for a second time, having previously done so in the 1999 made-for-TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Although playing down his chances when pressed, Wyle also didn’t deny that he was highly in contention, even though the role is also being sought by his former ER co-star George Clooney.

Sorkin’s script will be a biopic based on Walter Isaacson’s biography.

It is the second Jobs film in the works as Ashton Kutcher is currently shooting the biopic Jobs for writer-director Joshua Michael Stern.

That film traces Jobs’s life from college drop-out to one of the 20th Century’s most revered technology pioneers and Kutcher’s casting has been backed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

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