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Ocean's 13 - Preview

Ocean's 13

Preview by Jack Foley

IT MAY have been harshly criticised upon its release but, for my money, Ocean’s 12 was still an enjoyable enough romp, which makes the prospect of another crime caper a mouthwatering one indeed!

As ever, plot details are sketchy but the film – due to open in June – looks set to pit Danny Ocean’s crew against another casino boss in the form of Al Pacino.

Its trailer even suggests that the gang’s original mark, Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) will this time be lining up alongside George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and co…

For director Steven Soderbergh and several of its high-profile stars, the third film in the series appears to be a chance to right the wrongs of the self-indulgent sequel.

Even Soderbergh admits that not everything was perfect about Ocean’s 12, so he’s returning a lot of the action to Las Vegas and giving Ocean’s crew an adversary worth getting excited about.

And it’s the prospect of seeing Al Pacino as the gang’s adversary that’s really getting us excited.

Pacino himself states in an interview with Total Film magazine that he was persuaded to appear in the film because of the presence of “a great director” and “great people”.

It also offered him the opportunity to be near his kids, as it was shot in Los Angeles.

We’re not the only ones excited as Ocean‘s regular Matt Damon also admitted to “jumping for joy” when he heard about the casting – although “unfortunately I have not got a single scene with him”!

His character, Linus, is acknowledged as an essential part of the team, but has another price to pay for it. Damon, like all cast members, confirmed that this was the case but refused to be drawn on specific plot details.

Another reason to be excited? Another new cast member, Ellen Barkin, who’s sure to bring her trademark sexiness to whichever character she plays.

Barkin has, of course, worked with Pacino before on acclaimed (and sexy) police thriller Sea Of Love, so it should also be good to see the pair reunited on-screen.

Our prediction? Take a gamble on Soderbergh and Clooney getting things right once again!