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Pan's Labyrinth honoured by US critics

Pan's Labyrinth

Story by Jack Foley

GUILLERMO del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth has been named best film of 2006 by a group of US movie critics.

The Spanish language adult fantasy follows the fortunes of a young girl as she attempts to fulfil the tasks set for her by a mystical faun. It is set against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War.

And it was chosen by The National Society of Film Critics as the best film of 2006 – mirroring the thoughts of many critics in the UK.

The Society also named Britain’s Paul Greengrass as best director for United 93 and Dame Helen Mirren as best actress for The Queen.

Forest Whitaker took the best actor prize for The Last King of Scotland.

Mark Wahlberg was named best supporting actor for crime drama The Departed and Meryl Streep was honoured with a best supporting actress prize for her work in both The Devil Wears Prada and A Prairie Home Companion (Robert Altman’s last film).

Al Gore’s global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth was named best non-fiction film.

In other recent American award ceremonies, The New York Film Critics Circle named United 93 as best film prize of 2006.

While Dame Helen Mirren and Forest Whitaker took the acting honours. Both are now strong Oscar contenders after several critics’ awards and Golden Globe nominations.