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Paranormal Activity 4 in development for 2012 release

Paranormal Activity 3

Story by Jack Foley

THERE will be a fourth instalment in the Paranormal Activity franchise, Paramount has confirmed.

The new film will almost certainly be ready for a Halloween release although no official opening date has yet been set.

Halloween 3D is already scheduled to be released on October 26 in the US.

Paramount made the decision to continue the franchise based on the overwhelming success of the third film last year, which grossed $202.2 million world-wide to out-perform the first two films.

Indeed, Paranormal Activity 3 can currently lay claim to enjoying the best opening of all time for a horror film, as well as the best October debut ever.

And while distributors at the time of the film’s release maintained there were no plans for further films it’s easy to see why a fourth instalment became a ‘no-brainer’, especially given the low cost of making the films.

The first Paranormal, for instance, cost only $15,000 to produce and grossed $193.4 million world-wide in 2009, while its sequel cost $3 million to produce and grossed $177.5 million globally.

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