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Pitch Perfect - Review

Pitch Perfect

Review by Rob Carnevale

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

JASON Moore’s Pitch Perfect is another of those comedies that fails to subvert expectation as often as it would like to think it does but fortunately it also knows how to deliver a good time in the process.

The ensuing film, while certainly predictable, is high on laughs, high on feel-good a capella song and dance routines and boasts a genuinely winning central performance from the ever excellent Anna Kendrick.

She plays wannabe DJ Beca, who upon enrolling at Barden University, is encouraged by her dad to join a group and participate. This she does by hooking up with The Bellas, an all-girl a capella group led by the domineering Chloe (Brittany Snow ), who are determined to give the university’s rival all-male singers a run for their money at the annual end-of-year competition in New York (even though last year’s attempt ended in humiliation and disaster).

Admittedly, Moore’s film plays like a raunchier, funnier and more daring version of Glee but it still has plenty to recommend it.

Kendrick, in particular, shines and invests her character with just the right amount of scepticism, loner cool and, eventually, humility and will to win. But there’s amiable support from Snow, as the controlling Chloe, Rebel Wilson as the outspoken Fat Amy and Skylar Astin as a love interest.

Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins also crop up at various points as two acid tongued (and very funny) talent show comperes, while the songs are delivered with genuine crowd-pleasing gusto and a lot of ingenuity.

Nods to the likes of The Breakfast Club are also well delivered and only add to Pitch Perfect‘s overall likeability.

The only real criticisms stem from the film’s more generic tendencies, which quite often fly in the face of what its characters are trying to preach, and the hit and miss nature of some of the bigger ‘trailer moment’ gags, some of which are overdone.

Fortunately, however, none of this detracts too greatly from the overall enjoyment of the film as a whole, which should comfortably leave viewers with smiles on their faces throughout.

Certificate: 12A
Running time: 112mins
UK Release Date: December 21, 2012