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Project X screenwriter responds to criticism

Project X

Story by Jack Foley

SCREENWRITER Michael Bacall has hit back at criticisms of his new film Project X while defending its content.

Critics have been hard on the film for its endless scenes of drunken youths attempting to get laid and for the fact it seems to encourage irresponsibility and an ignorance of authority.

But Bacall believes his film is doing nothing wrong and is just the latest in a long line of films devoted to teens having wild fun.

He also believes it’s hypocritical for critics to condemn the film’s sexual content but ignore graphic violence in other movies.

That said, he said he “loves” the controversy surrounding the film, which arguably won’t dent its box office potential.

“I think we’d be disappointed if there wasn’t some kind of outraged response to Project X,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“[But] the criticisms about the movie being amoral because kids are dancing and drinking and having a good time, I think that’s absurd because kids have been dancing and drinking and altering their states of consciousness for a very long time, and this is nothing new.

“I find it kind of silly to stand on the rooftop and shout about how amoral a party movie is, when in our kind of American pop culture, we’ve got so much incredible violence happening. I don’t usually hear those criticisms of hyper-violent movies with cartoonish head explosions. So, I’d have call b.s. on that aspect of the criticism.”

Project X follows the fortunes of three teens as they attempt to overcome high school anonymity by throwing the most epic house party ever and quickly losing control.

Bacall has previously adapted Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World for director Edgar Wright and helped Phil Lord and Chris Miller bring the 1980s television show 21 Jump Street to the big screen.

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