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Prom Night Special - Classic Horror Heroine Mistakes

Prom Night

Compiled by Jack Foley

AS PROM Night, the latest slasher film, makes its way into cinemas on Friday, June 6, we bring you a guide to the classic horror heroine mistakes that have taken place in the past.

Unless you’ve chosen not to watch a horror movie in the last, say, three decades, you pretty much know what’s coming from most films. You know… popcorn in one hand, soft drink in the other, shouting at the heroine in the film not to go in there, or to get out of the house instead of running upstairs…or the classic “behind you!”.

1. The killer’s not dead

Relaxing inches away from the body just because you assume that the crazy killer is dead is never a clever idea. Not even in movies. In fact, especially not in movies! That’s when they’re most likely to come back with a vengeance. A nasty one, at that.

2. Getting in the car with a stranger

No, no, no! Not only is this downright dodgy, but when the driver looks like he’s up to no good then this is just plain stupid! Good luck to the heroine getting out of that one in one piece.

3. Taking a shower

When there’s a psycho running loose in the house, surely the best thing is to take a bath/shower to chill out and let the whole thing blow over. Yes. The psycho is most likely to have gotten bored and gone by the time you walk out of the bathroom. If you do get out, that is.

4. Checking out the strange noises

What a classic. Running down to the basement or up the stairs when something’s not quite right. We have a better suggestion. How about calling the coppers and getting out of the house? That’s right, it wouldn’t make a great movie.

5. Running in high heels

Mr Crazy Killer on the loose has military boots on. The heroine has high heels. Not only that, but she wasn’t very good at running in the first place. One broken heel later and we know what’s coming next.

6. Hiding under the bed

In a room with no other way out. Well done. Luckily this heroine doesn’t work for the army, because we don’t think she would be very good at planning out combat strategies. She was probably very bad at playing hide and seek when she was little too.

7. Shouting “anybody there?”

Ok, so he’s a cold blooded murderer. But lying is not something he can take on his shoulders, so of course, if you ask, he’ll come out from behind the door, mutter a very quiet “busted” and walk away with his head down, wishing he had looked for a better hiding place.

8. Covering with a bed sheet when afraid in the dark

Because as we all know, bed sheets are bullet-proof and knifes will just bend if somebody tries to stab you through one of this. Gosh, the Met police should think about wearing these while on the job!

Prom Night is released by Sony Pictures on June 6, 2008. Read our review