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Prometheus 2 script is complete and ready to go


Story by Jack Foley

THE script for a sequel to Prometheus is now complete and director Ridley Scott is eager to begin work.

In an interview with Empire magazine, the British directing legend said that he had found his return to science fiction to be “a great experience” and was keen to get back to work on the follow-up.

Jack Paglen has completed the script, although Scott refused to be drawn on what kind of direction the film would follow.

All he said was: “Prometheus 2 is written. I have already got the next two films ready to go. That will be 2014, 2015. I thought I’d left science-fiction for too long, that I had better climb back in. Prometheus was a great experience for me. Chasing number two, we can start evolving the grand idea.”

While Prometheus was a box office hit many felt that it failed to answer many of the questions it posed and was too open-ended to be completely satisfying.

Others expressed disappointment that it wasn’t more of a direct prequel to Alien, the same universe for which Scott first created. Speculation is therefore rife that a follow-up could well bring the Alien franchise more into play.

Paglen, who has replaced writer Damon Lindelof on the sequel, has also recently completed another science fiction script, Transcendence, for Johnny Depp.

Scott’s next film, meanwhile, is likely to be Moses tale Exodus, starring Christian Bale, Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver, Joel Edgerton and Sir Ben Kingsley, while his 2015 project could be either Prometheus 2 or the previously announced The Forever War, another sci-fi story based on the 1974 Joe Halderon novel, which follows a soldier who returns home from space to find his home planet has advanced many years into the future and is now unrecognisable to him.

Scott, now 76, is also still planning a sequel to his iconic 1982 movie Blade Runner.

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