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Quantum of Solace: Second stuntman seriously injured in car crash

Quantum of Solace

Story by Jack Foley

A STUNTMAN has been seriously injured after crashing a car on the set of the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

Filming was suspended on Thursday (April 24, 2008) after Aris Comninos crashed an Alfa Romeo while driving on a notoriously winding road near Lake Garda in northern Italy. Another stuntman suffered minor injuries.

He is now reportedly in a stable condition having suffered head injuries. A spokesman revealed: “He is still in hospital in a stable condition and doing as well as can be expected.”

The incident was the third involving an automobile in a week on the Italian leg of the shoot and has prompted rumours of a jinx.

On Saturday (April 19), a stuntman lost control of 007’s Aston Martin whilst delivering it to the set and crashed into Lake Garda, suffering minor injuries. He was subsequently fined £400 and has since apologised.

This was followed by another minor collision on Monday (April 21) during the shooting of a car chase.

But the latest incident is by far the most serious and left the stunt driver requiring emergency surgery at a nearby hospital in Verona.

A spokeswoman for Quantum of Solace confirmed that filming had been suspended while the accident was being investigated, while a spokesman for the town of Limone sul Garda, where filming has been taking place, told the BBC that the car had crashed into a wall during a chase sequence involving a truck and Bond’s Aston Martin.

Neither the film’s director, Marc Forster, or its star, Daniel Craig, were at the location when the most recent accident occurred.

Filming for the 22nd Bond movie has already taken the crew to the UK, Panama, Chile and Mexico. Quantum of Solace is due out in the UK on October 31 and will follow the events of the aftermath of Casino Royale. Check out the latest photos