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Quentin Tarantino to 'retire' after 10th film

Quentin Tarantino directs Inglourious Basterds

Story by Jack Foley

QUENTIN Tarantino has revealed plans to ‘retire’ after completing his 10th film.

Speaking to an audience at the American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica, the Kill Bill director said that he liked the idea of leaving people wanting ‘more’ as opposed to being begged to leave.

“I don’t believe you should stay onstage until people are begging you to get off,” he explained. “I’ve got two more to go after this [The Hateful Eight]…

“I like that I will leave a 10-film filmography. It’s not etched in stone, but that is the plan.”

The 51-year-old filmmaker went on to describe making movies as “a young man’s game” and said that he intended to spend the remainder of his career “writing plays and books”.

Tarantino is currently shooting his latest Western, The Hateful Eight, which marks his return to the genre he first visted with the Oscar-winning Django Unchained.

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