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Red 2 - Mary Louise Parker interview

Red 2

Interview by Rob Carnevale

MARY Louise Parker talks about some of the joys of making Red 2, including reuniting with Bruce Willis.

She also reveals why she’s a lousy driver in real life, what auction item she’d like to bid outrageously for and which of her characters she’d like to revisit. She was speaking at a UK press conference…

Q. How was it being an action girl this time around? And driving a 2CV?
Mary Louise Parker: I’m a horrible driver, and I don’t drive at all really, ever. And the one scene where he let me drive, or asked me to drive, I drove straight into a wall. And the director put it on a loop and watched it over and over. So no, they don’t trust me to even pull out of the parking spot.

Q. Was your favourite action girl moment being presented with that ornate pistol by Bruce Willis?
Mary Louise Parker: I love doing any scenes with him, so that’s the best part of the movie. My character is hopeless at action, she sort of fails miserably, and it was fun to be bad at it. That was the fun of it.

Q. In the movie, a vintage bottle of wine proves a distraction for one villain, who will stop at nothing to bid for it. Is there anything you’d be extravagant for on an auction site?
Mary Louise Parker: I’ve always wanted a Robert Frank photograph, but they’re prints. He stopped printing when his daughter died, and he would only many collages and Polaroids after that. I have a picture, an Elliot Erwitt photograph, that has Robert Frank in it. But an actual Robert Frank is worth $70,000.

Q. What excited you about coming back, and what has changed about these characters?
Mary Louise Parker: I just love these actors, you know. It was legendary, and Bruce and I have a really easy… it’s so easy to work with him and hang out with him, and a lot of my scenes are with him. I just feel, like Helen said, like I’ve gotten lucky so many times. I’ve had more than my share.

Q. What other of your characters would you like to revisit?
Mary Louise Parker: I’d love to play this character again. Also, I did a play about 17 years ago, that we’re trying to remount, so I might get to do that. And actually that’s How I Learnt To Drive, and that’s what I would have chosen, so if that happens I will be [revisiting that].

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