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Red Dog - Watch an exclusive clip

Red Dog

DAMPIER, Western Australia, 1971. A wild and desolate place where workers from all over the world come here to sweat away.

When the sun goes down, these grafters make their way to the industrial hick town’s only pub where they drink, recall their homes and get involved in fights. But this particular night things are somewhat quieter than usual. In the back room a dog is drawing its last breath.

But this isn’t just any old cur, this is Red Dog, a dog everybody here knows and loves, and about whom everyone has a story to tell. No doubt about it, Red Dog really is a character – and tonight everyone is prepared to agree for once.

Red Dog is in cinemas from February 24, with advanced previews from February 19, 2012. Check out the website for full cinema listings.

Watch the exclusive clip:

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