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Robert Zemeckis to bring Philippe Petit's World Trade Center wire walk to big screen

Philippe Petit in Man On Wire

Story by Jack Foley

ROBERT Zemeckis is reportedly going to make a film based on the true story of how wire walker Philippe Petit’s completed an audacious ‘walk’ between the World Trade Center.

The 1974 stunt has already been turned into an award-winning documentary named Man On Wire by British filmmaker James Marsh.

But the film version would unfold in 3D and would be “one part protagonist chasing a crazy impossible dream, and another part caper pic”, according to Deadline.

Hence, the film would follow Petit as he plans the walk with the help of his girlfriend and then breaks into the World Trade Center to actually pull it off.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also reportedly in contention to play Frenchman Petit.

Tentatively titled Reach The Clouds, the film would mark Zemeckis’s first film since the Oscar nominated Denzel Washington flick Flight.

IndieLondon actually met and interviewed Petit during the promotion of Man on Wire, and here’s how he described the feeling of actually walking between the Twin Towers.

“Well, a turmoil… many, many things. Most of it was profound joy at finally being out there, holding my life and carrying it across on the wire. At first, the first crossing, was very difficult and treacherous because I had not checked or tested the other anchor point, which I usually do all the time, because I couldn’t be on both towers.

“My friend had done it using my information and my specifications, but still the fact that I’d not been there to check it as I usually do was very, very tough on me. For the first crossing, or the first portion of the first crossing, I was tiptoeing on that wire not knowing how it would behave. But a few steps after that I immediately felt it was good enough and then you can see in one of the photographs that I have a big smile.”

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