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Robocop - Watch footage from the world premiere


IN A twist to the usual red carpet interview and as a nod to the original Robocop’s catchphrase, IMAX gave stars 20 seconds to comply when asked to pitch one of this year’s most eagerly awaited films at the world premiere of Robocop last night.

Under pressure, they still managed to rattle off a few choice sound bites, saving themselves from being blasted into oblivion… or at least looking bad on camera.

Joel Kinnaman (Alex Murphy/Robocop) said: “Robocop is a grown-up action movie that takes itself seriously. It’s an action tragedy on a big scale with mind-blowing effects and IMAX is just the way to watch it!”

Abbie Cornish (Clara Murphy) said: “We’re delighted with the movie. It’s a revenge story with real depth… You’re going to see beautiful work on a massive beautiful screen.”

The buzz on the red carpet had a futuristic flavour as stars had one thing on their mind, to experience the modern re-imagining of Robocop on the impressive BFI IMAX screen, the largest screen in the UK.

After months of build-up and anticipation amongst film fans culminating with the recent release of the exclusive retro red and black styled IMAX poster, the waiting was finally over.

The iconic cylindrical glass building of the BFI IMAX was a fitting location, allowing premiere audiences to immerse themselves in the not too distant future with OmniCorp’s weaponised cyborg known as RoboCop.

The stars of RoboCop expressed their appreciation for seeing the film on IMAX with Gary Oldman (Dr Dennett Norton) saying: “It’s fantastic to be here at the BFI IMAX. The IMAX experience is thrilling and I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with the Dark Knight movies which were tailor made for the experience, but Robocop looks incredible on the 200 foot screen. Who wouldn’t want to see their film on IMAX?!”

Director Jose Padilha added: “IMAX is a better way of watching movies so this is a dream come true for me. I’m so happy everyone gets to see Robocop in IMAX tonight.”

RoboCop: An IMAX Experience has been digitally remastered into the immersive IMAX format and will be released across IMAX screens in the UK beginning February 7.

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Watch footage from the world premiere:

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