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Rooney Mara joins Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects

Rooney Mara

Story by Jack Foley

ROONEY Mara has joined Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects in a role that was originally earmarked for Blake Lively.

Set in the world of psycho-pharmacology, the thriller – formerly known as The Bitter Pill – focuses on a depressed, troubled woman (to be played by Mara) as she tries to cope with the imminent release of her husband from jail by taking a new prescription drug… an act that causes unforeseen consequences.

Mara will line up alongside previously cast members Chaning Tatum and Jude Law, while Catherine Zeta-Jones is also rumoured to be circling the project.

Funding has now been secured, following the withdrawal of one backer, and Soderberg is looking to commence in April with a view to having the film ready for release by the first half of 2013.

Mara last week received an Oscar nomination for her performance as Lisbeth Salander in the US version of The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo.

Soderbergh is currently in cinemas with his star-studded action thriller Haywire.

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