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Rumour Has It - Preview

Jennifer Aniston in Rumour Has It

Preview by Jack Foley

IT’S been a while since Rob Reiner has delivered a genuinely satisfying romantic comedy but hopes are high for his latest – a high-concept ‘dramedy’ starring Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner, Shirley MacLaine and Mark Ruffalo.

Aniston stars as an emotionally insecure woman who is having an identity crisis after being proposed to by Ruffalo.

Heading home for her sister’s wedding, she is then alarmed to discover that her family may have been the inspiration for the book and the film of The Graduate – so resolves to find out the truth.

Her search leads her to Kevin Costner’s charming Internet entrepreneur who just happens to have bedded both Aniston’s ‘grandma’ (MacLaine) and her late mother – thereby confirming The Graduate connection.

Yet what’s not so clear is whether Aniston is actually his daughter – and the lines become blurred still further when Aniston finds herself falling for his persuasive charms.

Reiner maintains that at the film’s core is a ‘journey of self-discovery’ that involves seeing what Aniston’s character has to go through in order to give herself over to someone in a meaningful way.

“If audiences are expecting a sequel to The Graduate, then they’re going to be disappointed,” he maintains. “But if you’re going to see a good romantic comedy with a different premise than you’ve seen before, then it is a good story.”

Reiner certainly sounds confident about the film’s chances of success, while the talented ensemble cast would suggest a return to form.

For Aniston, it marks another step away from her Friends TV persona off the back of the thriller, Derailed, and could well elevate her into A-list territory.

It should be interesting to see how it fares once the film is released in January by Warner Bros.