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Russell Crowe slams Noah's critics and insists epic has multiple talking points


Story by Jack Foley

RUSSELL Crowe has gone on the offensive for his new film Noah, saying that critics who predicted it would be terrible without even seeing it were “bordering on absolute stupidity”.

Speaking on the US show Good Morning America while promoting the film, the outspoken star said that the film was proving the doubters wrong as it began to roll out in cinemas around the world.

He said: “We’ve had probably over a year now of very harsh criticism from a bunch of people who have put their name and stamp on an opinion that’s not even based on the movie or seeing the movie, just an assumption of what it could be or how bad it could be or how wrong it could be in their eyes, which I think quite frankly is bordering on absolute stupidity. Because now, I think, people are seeing the movie and they’re realising how respectful it is and how potent it is.”

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, the film is inspired by the story told in Genesis of how Noah came to survive a great flood by building an ark capable of providing solace for two of each animal.

But the film has drawn a lot of advance bad press following screenings with religious groups who have reacted badly to Aronofsky’s interpretation of the Bible.

Paramount, its distributor, has already distanced itself from Christians who are opposed to the film, insisting that it is not intended as a direct translation. But the film has also been banned across large parts of the Middle East and parts of north Africa for contravening Islamic rules on the depiction of prophets.

Crowe, though, insists the film is respectful to its religious roots as well as capable of creating vital discussions of a number of themes surrounding its core story.

He argued: “You come out of this movie and you want to talk – about our stewardship of the earth, our relationship to animals, what is spirituality, who am I in this world – all these fantastic subjects for conversation. Art that can do that for people is a wonderful thing.”

Noah opens in US cinemas this weekend, with UK cinemas to follow on April 4.

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