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Sandra Bullock tops Forbes rich list of actresses (2014)


Story by Jack Foley

SANDRA Bullock is the highest-earning actress of 2014, according to the Forbes rich list.

The Oscar-winning star took home an estimated $51m (£30m) thanks to her Oscar nominated turn in Gravity and her box office comedy smash The Heat.

Gravity also performed well at the global box office as well as being awards decorated – the film earned $716m (£425m) in global takings.

Jennifer Lawrence came second on the list with a reported $34m (£20m) thanks to her share in The Hunger Games franchise, the sequel to which, Catching Fire was released last year. She also has a recurring role in the X-Men franchise and attracted more awards heat this year thanks to another winning performance in American Hustle.

In third place, meanwhile, was Jennifer Aniston with earnings of $31m (£18m) thanks to her role in Horrible Bosses as well as surprise summer box office smash We’re The Millers.

However, despite Bullock’s large pay packet, women continue to earn less than men in Hollywood.

According to Forbes, the top 10 women on the list earned $216m (£128m) combined, which is almost half of the $419m (£249m) that the top 10 actors brought home.

Robert Downey Jr topped the male list for the second year in a row with $75m (£44.5m) thanks to the Iron Man trilogy and Avengers films.

The remainder of the women’s top 10 is as follows…

1) Sandra Bullock – $51m (£31m)
2) Jennifer Lawrence – $34m (£20m)
3) Jennifer Aniston – $31m (£18m)
4) Gwyneth Paltrow – $19m (£11m)
5) Angelina Jolie – $18m (£10.6m)
6) Cameron Diaz – $18m (£10.6m)
7) Scarlett Johansson – $17m (£10m)
8) Amy Adams – $13m (£7.7m)
9) Natalie Portman – $13m (£7.7m)
10) Kristen Stewart – $12m (£7.1m)

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