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Selena Gomez urges tween fans to abide by Spring Breakers R rating

Spring Breakers

Story by Jack Foley

SELENA Gomez may be about to dirty up her squeaky clean image in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers but she has urged her fans to abide by the film’s R certificate.

While promoting the film in America, the former Disney luminary was asked by The Hollywood Reporter why she had asked her fans not to see it, and whether she thought they would listen to her.

She replied: “There’s gonna be the intrigued pre-teens that are gonna want to sneak in and see the movie, and that’s obviously something I can’t control.

“[I can] definitely warn them as best as I can, but the movie is rated R, and it’s kind of a given when you see the trailer that you should be old enough to see the movie.”

Spring Breakers, co-starring Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and a barely recognisable James Franco, features bikini clad babes in ski masks who rage on alcohol and drugs before falling in with a drug-dealing gangster and becoming involved in a turf war.

And thus far, the movie has attracted a mixed reaction with some hailing it as an instant cult classic and others leaving the theatre in stunned silence. But Gomez has loved the response so far, adding:

“I’ve been in theaters where it’s been completely silent, I’ve been in theaters where they sing along to all the songs that they know – obviously Britney [Spears] – and then in theaters where they’re dying laughing. It’s really cool to see because I’ve never seen the reaction like this before, you know? It’s kind of all over the place.”

Spring Breakers is released in UK cinemas on April 5.

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