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Shiloh Fernandez to play five-time boxing champ Johnny Tapia

Red Riding Hood, Shiloh Fernandez

Story by Jack Foley

SHILOH Fernandez is to play five-time world champion boxer Johnny Tapia in a new biopic.

Previously best known for starring alongside Amanda Seyfried in 2011’s Red Riding Hood, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the actor will shortly be seen in the forthcoming remake of The Evil Dead.

Tapia’s life is perfect for the big screen given how his success was born from tragedy.

He began boxing at age neie and became a star in the late 1990s, winning titles including the WBO super flyweight and WBO bantamweight.

But his father was murdered while Tapia was still in the womb, and his mother was kidnapped, raped and murdered when he was eight.

Those childhood traumas led to a life of drug addiction.

At the age of 40, meanwhile, Tapia suffered an overdose from cocaine abuse and his brother-in-law and nephew were killed in a car accident on the way to the hospital. Tapia himself passed away in May this year.

The film, to be directed by Eddie Alcazar from a script he has co-written with Bettina Gilois, will focus on Tapia’s early years.

Shooting is due to begin next year (2013).

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