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Shrek The Third - Justin Timberlake interview

Shrek The Third

Interview by Rob Carnevale

JUSTIN Timberlake talks about appearing in Shrek The Third, reverting back to his childhood and mixing music with movies…

Q. Your character, Artie, is a bit of a loner in Shrek The Third. Were you a bit of a loner at school?
Justin Timblerlake: I grew up in Tennessee where you either play football or you don’t do anything at all. So I guess you could say I was a bit of loner, being interested in music.

Q. But Artie gets the better of his bullies in the movie – is that something you can relate to?
Justin Timblerlake: What are you trying to insinuate? I was so cool [at school]. No, it was the equivalent to right now. Like I said before, in Tennessee it was “football or die!” I was on a television show when I was in middle school, and I’d work for six months out of the year, then I’d come back. I was just a bit of an outcast but I wasn’t bullied too much, thank God.

Q. What was it like acting in a booth with some headphones?
Justin Timblerlake: The only thing I can really equate this to is when you’re seven or eight-years-old, and you’re standing alone in your back yard, and you have a stick, and to you it’s a huge sword and you really are King Arthur. Obviously, I worked a lot with Chris [Miller, director] because we all worked separately to do the voices.

Q. Was it easy to imagine Artie?
Justin Timblerlake: Well, when I was first offered the part, I got to see what Artie looked like. And I also had the first two movies to work off. But it’s a fantastical experience because anything can happen in the Shrek world. So you sort of imagine it happening and just go for it.

Q. You’ve had good reviews for other movies [Alpha Dog and Black Snake Moan] – do you think one day you may have to choose between music and film?
Justin Timblerlake: It’s been expensive buying those reviews, so I don’t know how much longer I can hold that up! [Laughs] Thank God for music! I would love to do a lot more film, and next year I’m going to focus a lot more on it. I’ll be touring until the end of this year, and taking the circus as far as I can.

Q. Where do you find time for writing music?
Justin Timblerlake: There are planes and tour buses… Actually, I don’t know. I’ll have to work that one out.

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