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Skyline: The most famous movie attacks on cities


Compiled by Jack Foley

VERY few films portray aliens to be as cute as E.T…. who, in all honesty, just wanted help to go home.

Most movies depict extra-terrestrials as the complete opposite – blood-sucking, evil creatures who want nothing more than to seek revenge and destroy earth. Scary stuff!

Skyline is the latest alien feature to hit our big screens. When a strange light from an alien craft descends on the city of Los Angeles people are drawn outside like moths to a flame.

As these ships spread to key cities around the world this extra-terrestrial force threatens to swallow the human race off the face of the planet. The aliens then head to New York and London to continue their world domination. Awesome!

Hostile aliens seem to love obliterating the cities we humans are so proud of and we love to watch them do so – from the safety of the cinemas seats, of course.

And it’s not only the aliens that are at it… monsters seem determined to destroy our cities too! Here are a few of our favourite attacks… courtesy of Hollywood of course.

Tokyo – Godzilla

Now who can argue with a 164-foot monster reptile with radioactive breath! After being revived, thanks to nuclear testing, Godzilla goes on a mad rampage, destroying Tokyo. Despite the army attempting to fight back this monster continues his attack until most of the city is destroyed and thousands of its civilians are dead or wounded. Who would have thought a giant, clumsy lizard could cause so much trouble?

Washington –Independence Day

Independence Day

When fearsome aliens descend upon earth they plan attacks on some of the major cities around the globe. They all but obliterate New York, Los Angeles and, most famously, Washington DC. The iconic image of the White House being destroyed is pure movie gold. Independence Day’s demolition of the White House model took over a week to plan and required over 40 explosives… but it was definitely worth the hassle!

Parump , New Mexico – Mars Attacks!

A number of space ships from Mars are launched on course towards earth. Heading for the small town of Parump, New Mexico, many spectators begin to congregate in anticipation of their ‘peaceful’ arrival. When some hippies release a dove in celebration it is quickly shot down. Unsurprisingly, chaos then breaks out as the martians vaporize almost everyone in Parump and continue on their mission to invade Washington.

Manhattan – Cloverfield


When a shock jolts an apartment building, a group of friends quickly change from filming their party to filming the events outside as a monstrous shadow destroys Manhattan. This monster takes no prisoners as it destroys the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and the Woolworth Building, among others! The US Government decides the only way to control this monster is to carpet bomb Manhattan… now that’s one way to destroy a city.

New York – Men In Black

These aliens, otherwise known as bugs, have come in search of a miniature galaxy hidden on earth. Upon their arrival they kill humans and use their skin as a disguise. Now that really is clever! When the keeper of the galaxy is killed the aliens prepare to destroy earth rather than let it fall into the wrong hands. MIB agents step in to rescue the galaxy and save New York… and the world!

New Jersey – War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds

Ray Ferrier is a divorced crane operator who has to look after his children for the weekend. With little skill as a father the inevitable happens… aliens strike! After a strange violet storm hits New Jersey a huge alien war machine emerges from beneath the street and begins to incinerate everyone and everything in their attempt to destroy earth. They have been planning this for a million years… it’s not war, it’s extermination.

London – Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

This list wouldn’t be complete without an attack on London. Most recently, Lord Voldermort’s death eaters set about this task by branding the sky above London with the dark mark from which they appear and plunge towards the capital weaving furiously through the streets of London. They swoop over St Paul’s cathedral before winding around the Millennium Bridge causing it to plunge into the river Thames. I certainly wouldn’t like to get on the bad side of these guys.

View alien attack photos from Skyline or watch the trailer: