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Spider-Man 3 - Kirsten Dunst interview

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Interview by Martyn Palmer

KIRSTEN Dunst talks about Spider-Man 3 and how her character, Mary Jane, progresses in the film. She also reveals why she found her singing scenes intimidating and why she’d jump into a fourth movie if the right opportunity arose…

How does your character change in Spider-Man 3?
For me, Mary Jane was a young girl always searching. In the first movie she was weak and in the second film it was about finding out what she loves and going for it even though she was terrified. Now in this movie she has her career and she’s performing but a lot of her confidence and happiness comes from her work, which is not the best way to live.

Her career and her romance with Peter seem rosy at the beginning of this film. But then we break her down and it’s about Mary Jane becoming a woman and really finding out what means most to her in her life.

How was singing in the film during the opening scenes on Broadway?
That scene was tough! I had to walk down the stairs in high heels without looking at my feet, wearing a long dress and performing and lip-synching to my own voice!

How much do you as a person relate to Mary Jane as a character? Are the two people similar?
Of course, I can relate to Mary Jane. Why do you think I played her? Why do you think Sam Raimi, the director, picked me? She’s a girl searching to be a woman and I’ve told that story in many beautiful ways; I’ve done it in Marie Antoinette, in Elizabethtown and in Virgin Suicides. I’ve done it in Spider-Man 3 and I have no idea how many more movies I’ll do it in before I figure out what I’m searching for. But Mary Jane loves what she does and puts all her passion into performing, so it is definitely a part of me too.

There are a lot of emotional scenes in the film for Mary Jane. Did they take their toll?
I really had to make an effort not to be this depressed lump throughout the film because she takes an emotional beating. But I’d much rather cry all day than jump off scaffolding or do blue screen! I still give it all I can, but those action and blue screen scenes were really the bane of my existence!

How about your wardrobe this time around… did you enjoy picking out clothes?
For us it was still about using the same brown jacket I wore in the second movie, because MJ wouldn’t be a girl who would have more than one jacket. It was creating a look that was vintage, like a girl who dresses for auditions but can’t afford designers so goes to vintage stores for the same look.

Would you consider returning for a fourth film?
If Sam [Raimi} and Tobey [Maguire] and I decide we want to explore this franchise again, I would do it in a heartbeat, as long as all three of us were involved.

How much has the whole Spider-Man experience meant to you?
It’s been such a gift in a way because I can really mark where I’ve changed and how she’s grown and how I’ve grown as an actor. It’s wonderful to come back to a group of people that you continually grow with and I’ve definitely grown up along with Mary Jane and the franchise and really cherish it in my life.

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