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Stallone confirms Nicolas Cage for Expendables 3

Nicolas Cage in Knowing

Story by Jack Foley

SYLVESTER Stallone has reportedly confirmed that Nicolas Cage will be among the cast of The Expendables 3.

Speaking in a Spanish-language interview with El Pais, Stallone said that Cage was not attached and added that he hadn’t given up on landing a few more big names.

Describing Cage as a “master actor” who would bring an intellectual air to the group, he went on to say that he’d also like to “nail down Harrison Ford [and] Wesley Snipes” for roles.

“That is the producer’s great mission,” he added.

Commenting a little further on what to expect from a third instalment, Stallone said that it was being done “with the same passion and commitment [as] the previous two”.

He promised that the project would bear the same narrative style, “agility and… frenzy… inherent to the saga”.

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