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Star Trek: JJ Abrams unveils world exclusive first footage

Star Trek

Story by Rob Carnevale

TO COIN a much-loved phrase from the series, Star Trek looks set to “live long and prosper” in the hands of JJ Abrams.

Footage of the eagerly anticipated new Star Trek movie was unveiled in a world exclusive to members of the press in London’s Leicester Square on Tuesday (November 11, 2008) and the scenes left almost every invited guest keen to be beamed up for more.

JJ Abrams joined co-star Simon Pegg in showing four carefully selected scenes from the film, which gave a flavour of what to expect both in terms of character development and action.

The set pieces are spectacular and the performances almost always spot-on. Zachary Quinto, in particular, looks set to be a brilliant Mr Spock (destined to be a hero for more than one film), while Pegg layers on the accent in the role of engineer Scotty. There’s even an extended appearance from Leonard Nimoy for long-term Trekkies to savour!

The only slight cause for concern was Chris Pine’s Kirk, who may – just may – prove a little too cocksure for some tastes… brash and plucky, for sure, but strangely more reminiscent of Tom Cruise in Top Gun than William Shatner in Enterprise mode.

Abrams began the presentation by confessing (and avert your eyes Trekkies) that he’d never been a huge fan of the series, and would even have turned down this 11th movie if he’d known there’d already been 10.

His challenge was to make this new version both “legitimate and real”, side-stepping the temptation to parody proceedings in a style similar to Galaxy Quest.

And, from the evidence of the four scenes on show, he appears to have succeeded in his aim.

Star Trek, which docks in cinemas on May 8, 2009, contains both the spectacle and grittiness expected of a modern blockbuster with some well-observed nods to the series’ origins. It looks set to appeal to both fanboys and newcomers alike.

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