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Steven Spielberg's Lincoln generates serious Oscar buzz


Story by Jack Foley

STEVEN Spielberg’s new film Lincoln has started to generate serious Oscar buzz following a high profile ‘surprise’ screening at the New York Film Festival.

The epic film, starring Daniel Day-Lewis in the title role, became the hottest ticket in the Big Apple after it was revealed to be part of the line-up late last week and drew a standing ovation following its presentation.

Spielberg himself also appeared on stage afterwards to answer questions and reveal that the print shown was “unfinished”.

Nevertheless, Twitter was instantly ablaze with Oscar predictions and it seems Spielberg, Day-Lewis and co-stars Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field are shoe-ins for nominations at the very least.

Leading the fanfare was The Hollywood Reporter, which compared the biopic to Spielberg’s best films (Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan, and Day-Lewis’ performance to that of Henry Fonda in the 1939 classic Young Mr. Lincoln.

It wrote: “In short, Lincoln appears to be Oscar-bait incarnate. Spielberg, who has made a career of blurring the line between art and commerce, has risen to the occasion.”

It added: “Although the film runs two hours and twenty-five minutes, every scene felt tight and necessary.”

The LA Times singled out Day-Lewis for praise, writing: “Judging by both the events on-screen and in the room, Day-Lewis, a long-time Oscar favourite, solidified his status as a lead actor contender.”

And The Huffington Post described the film as a “towering achievement”, saying that Day-Lewis was “the stand-out”.

It also noted that the actor’s Lincoln is “fierce but also kind-hearted” and that his higher-pitched voice was based on extensive research and historical accuracy.

The New York Daily News called the film “an often moving, sometimes teacherly thinking-man’s epic”, while film blog ComingSoon described it as a “real winner” and predicted on Twitter: “Spielberg’s best movie in years… Should be good for 12 Oscar nominations and four easy wins.”

The film follows America’s 16th president during the final months of his presidency as he fights for the passage of the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery.

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