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Sucker Punch - Jamie Chung interview

Sucker Punch

Interview by Rob Carnevale

JAMIE Chung talks about working on Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, bonding with her mostly female cast and then heading to Bangkok to become a part of the wolf-pack for The Hangover: Part 2.

Q. It’s been said that doing an action movie is kind of the same as doing a musical because of the choreography involved. Do you agree?
Jamie Chung: I’ve done fight choreography before and it’s awesome, it’s powerful, it’s strong and you learn so much control of your body and then I went to a ballet class, because we were required to do dance rehearsals and be graceful, and it was so hard. It was more about what your hands were doing, what your legs were doing, so the hardest challenge for me was learning my dance.

Q. How hard was playing with your sex appeal?
Jamie Chung: I felt like there wasn’t really any effort put into that. I mean, you’re putting on these beautiful costumes so can’t help but feel a different kind of confidence.

Q. We heard there was a scene where you all got to sing that didn’t make the final cut. Were you disappointed about that?
Jamie Chung: It was an interesting choice for an ending. We always knew that it was going to be an alternate ending, but it’ll be in the director’s cut. But I’m actually selfishly glad it didn’t make it because I’m the only non-singer in the group [laughs].

Q. Did you all make friends? How hard is it to make friends in Hollywood?
Jamie Chung: I’ve been really fortunate to work with a lot of cool, really down to Earth people, but this is by far the closest that I’ve ever gotten with a group of girls.

Q. You went from an all-girl bonding environment to The Hangover 2, which is pretty much mostly guys…
Jamie Chung: Yeah, I actually did Premium Rush before that and I was in New York and I was like: “Oh man!” It was their hottest summer ever and it was muggy and disgusting. So, I really fancied a vacation on a beach. So, I went with Will to The Philippines and we took 24 hours to fly there and the next morning my manager called and said: “You’ve got to come back to LA.” I was like: “There’s no way… there’s nothing out there that’s going to make me want to come back to LA. I’ve just got here!” But it was The Hangover 2, so I booked the flight back home. But it was cool going from an all-girl gang to trying to sneak my way into the wolf-pack, if you know what I mean. But the guys were really awesome, really chilled and really humble, so they made it really easy.

Q. Did you fly out to Bangkok as well?
Jamie Chung: Yes, Bangkok and then we filmed most of our bits at a resort.

Q. You must be very happy with your career so far?
Jamie Chung: I feel like always wanting more… that’s how you grow and learn. You can’t just be satisfied with where you are. There’s so much more to learn and consume.

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