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Sucker Punch - Vanessa Hudgens interview

Sucker Punch

Interview by Rob Carnevale

VANESSA Hudgens talks about working with Zack Snyder on Sucker Punch and getting to grips with fight choreography as opposed to dance choreography.

She also discusses why musicals will always feel like home to her as well as her next project, Beastly.

Q. How is it working with Zack Snyder? He seems to know exactly what he wants…
Vanessa Hudgens: It’s amazing. I mean, I think it’s so phenomenal to be able to work with someone who has a very clear vision. I mean, working for with someone who has no idea what they wanted… it would just be so all over the place, especially with something on this scale. You have to know what you want with this. But the amazing thing about him is that even though he does have such a clear vision, he’s so collaborative at the same time. You can throw your ideas onto the table and he takes them and he works them in and he loves giving the actors a space to play. He creates such incredible sets, with such beautiful details, that it really allows us to live in these crazy worlds that come from only Zack Snyder’s head.

Q. It’s been said that doing an action movie is kind of the same as doing a musical because of the choreography involved. Do you agree?
Vanessa Hudgens: Yeah, coming from dance it’s like you’re aware of your body and how to move your body. You live in your body that much more. To be able to pick up choreography… it goes hand in hand. Of course, fighting is a lot more power-driven and you definitely have to find a fire within. But I was able to pick it up pretty quickly.

Q. How hard was playing with your sex appeal?
Vanessa Hudgens: Well, because we were training so much we were really in the best shape of our lives. I was a bit more muscle-y than I would want to be on a daily basis but they became our second skins, these costumes. We just felt comfortable in these warrior outfits and we could be our best in these clothes. I mean, it just really helped us embody these crazy characters.

Q. Did you all make friends? How hard is it to make friends in Hollywood?
Vanessa Hudgens: I love these girls more than anything. I think that they’re the most incredible, smart, talented, beautiful women in the industry and I got lucky that I found them on this movie. But it can definitely be hard. A lot of people can be extremely competitive and you don’t know who truly has your back. So, to have such an amazing experience with four other girls was like… I’m never letting them go.

Q. Was it fun to work with Scott Glenn as a kind of Yoda-like character?
Vanessa Hudgens: He was just so amazing, I really enjoyed him. I remember the very first time we had our table read, we finished and I was like: “Can he just narrate my life, please?” His voice is just so incredible.

Q. We heard there was a scene where you all got to sing that didn’t make the final cut. Were you disappointed about that?
Vanessa Hudgens: I think it would kind of take you out of it [the movie]. The movie right now has such an amazing flow. I mean it was fun to do, don’t get me wrong and I really enjoyed it. Musicals are my home and I was like: “Yes! A musical number! This is fun!” But we’ll see it eventually.

Q. We’re going to see you next in Beastly. What appealed to you about that?
Vanessa Hudgens: Yeah, it was a different character and I’m a sucker for romance. I love a good romantic tale. I mean it was a beautiful message – don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s a classic story and a classic tale [Beauty & The Beast] that is an amazing thing to be retold, especially for High School kids where it’s all about who you’re handing out with and what you’re wearing. It’s just very superficial things. So, it was nice to be able to have a story that takes that and throws it right out the window and centres the movie off of beauty.

Q. Are you deliberately looking for different projects from Sucker Punch as you’re next choice?
Vanessa Hudgens: Yeah, I mean I’m not content doing the same thing. I think all actors… no one’s content doing the same thing. You’re always broadening your horizons and exploring your limits. That’s what’s so much fun… I don’t want to do the same thing twice. I want to continue to grow because I’m just beginning.

Q. Does this mean no more High School Musicals?
Vanessa Hudgens: I mean no more High School Musicals but musicals probably in the future somewhere down the line [because] musicals are my home and I love them more than anything. I did Rent, the play, this past summer, which was incredible. The stage is such a phenomenal experience, you’re so present and lively. I love it.

Q. You must be very happy with your career so far?
Vanessa Hudgens: I feel very fortunate and very, very lucky and blessed. I’m very happy with where I’m at. But of course there is so much more that I want to tackle. There’s a poem that Carla gave us that says ‘A blessed unrest that keeps us marching’, so it really is just that. That unrest is what will always keep us going… there’s no content; you’re always striving to do better. That’s what makes us creative people.

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