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Sylvester Stallone to host career Q&A for fans in London

The Expendables 2

Story by Jack Foley

SYLVESTER Stallone is offering fans the chance to get an exclusive audience with him at a one-off show in London next month.

An Evening with Sylvester Stallone will see the Rocky and Rambo star discuss his life and career.

It takes place at Westminster’s Central Hall on January 11, 2014.

“I have a big mix of wonderful stories and colourful anecdotes,” the 67-year-old told the Standard.

Suggesting that he is far from the silent type he often portrays on-screen, Stallone said: “I consider myself something of a raconteur. I have a rather audacious sense of humour.”

The evening with Stallone follows a similarly successful Night With… event with Al Pacino at London’s Palladium this summer.

Stallone will be in the UK in January to promote his new film, Grudge Match, in which he plays a boxer alongside Robert De Niro.

The comedy-drama will nod towards both Stallone’s Rocky past and De Niro’s own boxing role in Raging Bull.

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