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Sylvia Syms to attend special London screening of Woman In A Dressing Gown

Woman In A Dressing Gown

Preview by Jack Foley

STUDIOCANAL and the ICO are very pleased to announce that they will be bringing back to the big screen the under-rated and long unseen Woman In A Dressing Gown to cinemas and DVD.

A powerful and progressive drama that follows the turmoil caused when a husband of 20 years tells his wife he is leaving her for a younger woman, the film will be back in cinemas on July 27, 2012, and on DVD for the first time on August 13, 2012.

To mark the occasion, the inimitable Sylvia Syms (The Queen, TV’s Rev, Ice Cold in Alex, Victim), who has one of the leading roles in the film, will be speaking about it ahead of a special screening of the film at the Curzon Mayfair this Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 2.30pm.

Tickets can be bought here

Woman In A Dressing Gown follows Amy (Yvonne Mitchell, Queen of Spades, Tiger Bay, The Divided Heart), a hopeless housewife who burns meals, doesn’t finish the housework, listens to the radio too loud, and some days doesn’t event get around to getting dressed.

Amy’s existence is in contrast to her husband Jim (Anthony Quayle, Lawrence of Arabia, Ice Cold in Alex, The Eagle has Landed), a far more together and still attractive man.

But Jim has fallen in love with his young, beautiful secretary Georgie (Sylvia Syms), and when he tells Amy he is leaving her, her already fragile world threatens to fall apart.

A heart-wrenching and accomplished drama, the power of Woman In A Dressing Gown is in its refusal to demonize any of its principalcharacters – not Amy for her failure to maintain the family home, Jim for his infidelity, or Georgie for her role as the other woman. Writer Ted Willis described it simply as a film about “good honest fumbling people caught up in tiny tragedies”.

Released in 1957, the film anticipated not only the British New Wave of Social Realism, but also Betty Friedan’s ground-breaking book The Feminine Mystique.