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Taken 2 - Best father and daughter combos

Taken 2

Feature by Jack Foley

THE days of the father-son duo are dead! If you want a strong partnership nowadays you need both X and Y chromosomes working in unison.

To celebrate the release of Olivier Megaton’s hotly anticipated sequel Taken 2 in cinemas, we’ve examined a kick-ass list of father-daughter fighting duos:


Bryan Mills and his ‘certain set of skills’ face a new test in this second instalment in the Taken franchise. When Bryan himself is taken it is up to Taken survivor Kim to rescue her parents from one grumpy-ass Albanian bent on revenge.

Bryan must talk Kim through rooftop shoot-outs, high-speed chases and even the odd grenade explosion if his family is to survive. Kim is more than up to the task and has a future in stunt driving if her taxi-etiquette is anything to go by. In conclusion, this is one gene pool you really don’t want to mess with!


The original father-daughter untouchables; Jack and Kim Bauer were taken through 8 whole series of terrorism and heroism. With her dad being the most bad-ass, betrayed, double-crossed, unbelievably unbreakable secret agent the USA has ever produced you would not begrudge Kim keeping her distance.

Fat chance of that as Kim gets involved in her pop’s espionage antics pretty much every-time we see him.

Her duties include getting kidnapped, robbed, beaten and blackmailed before taking out her own share of bad guys and donating the odd stem-cell. No even Right Guard can give you 24-hour protection from these two!



“Tool up, honey bunny; It’s time to get bad guys”. In Big Daddy and Hit-Girl you have the most destructive father-daughter force the screen has ever seen. These two rack up a body count that the average dictator would be proud of and they don’t even break a sweat.

No dolls for this little girl as Gatling guns and helicopters make up this duo’s arsenal. Mess with them at your peril and if you do, make sure you pack a bazooka!


The eternal father-daughter on-screen partnership, literally!

When your dad is Elrond and your home is Rivendell life is pretty sweet. Arwen could sit back, relax and eat lembas bread all-day; instead she decides to takes the phrase ‘independent woman’ as her personal motto.

Elrond and Arwen are rarely in the same place but that does not stop them saving Frodo’s bacon on more than one occasion. Independent to the last Arwen goes as far as choosing her love with Aragorn over eternity with Dad. Good luck Aragorn, with Elrond as a father-in-law, you are certainly going to need it.


The Descendants

The unexpected apple in this bunch is the quirky Hawaiian dad-daughter combination of Matt King and his two daughters; Alexandra and Scottie. Spurred on by Alexandra’s revelation that his coma patient of a wife was being a little less than faithful; Matt King sets out with Alexandra and Scottie on a quest to find the infamous ‘other man’.

The journey is an emotional rollercoaster and despite their completely dysfunctional relationship they are ruthless in tracking down the man in question. With a love re-ignited by tragedy this trio are a powerful force and certainly not to be messed with.

Taken 2 is released in cinemas on Thursday, October 4, 2012.