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Terminator: Genisys and Magic Mike XXL trail behind Jurassic World in US

Terminator Genisys

Story by Jack Foley

TERMINATOR: Genisys and Magic Mike XXL have both trailed the box office powerhouses that are Jurassic World and Inside Out in the US.

Terminator: Genisys, which sees Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to the franchise that made him famous, opened to a disappointing $44.1 million, which includes the box office returns for Wednesday. For the July 4 weekend it took $28.7 million, potentially jeopardising plans for a new trilogy given massive its $155 million production budget.

However, the news was better for the film internationally (including the UK), where it grossed $74 million from 50% of the international market-place and an early foreign total of $85.5 million. That means the film has now taken $129.6 million globally without yet opening in potentially major territories such as China, Japan, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Paramount vice chairman Rob Moore commented: “There is no question but that the US market got affected by [bad] reviews, but through the weekend, we actually played above what people thought we would. And the international numbers are spectacular.”

Channing Tatum’s stripper sequel Magic Mike XXL also suffered a bad start. The film had hoped to clear $45 million-$50 million for the five days but had to settle for $27.1 million. This was compared to the $39.1 million opening of the first Magic Mike.

The follow-up played almost exclusively to female audiences but struggled in the wake of the gigantic holdover titles that have largely dominated this part of the summer season. However, good reviews and strong word of mouth could yet see Magic Mike gain momentum and exhibit staying power.

Jurassic World and Inside Out were left to compete for top spot for the third weekend in succession. Universal has Jurassic World winning with $30.9 million for a grand US total of $558.2 million, now the fourth-best showing of all time in the US where it has now surpassed The Dark Knight‘s $534.9 million.

Disney, meanwhile, has Inside Out earning $30.1 million for a US total of $246.2 million. But rival studios have both films earning closer to $30 million, meaning that the final race won’t be decided until Monday morning.

Rounding out the top five was Ted 2, which saw takings fall a heavy 67% in its sophomore weekend to $11 million for a US total of $58.3 million.

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