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The Adventures of TinTin - film trailer

The Adventures of Tintin poster

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn is directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Peter Jackson, and written by Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. Based on The Adventures of Tintin, a series of comic books by Belgian artist Herg√©‘s comic books the film has been created using motion capture 3D – similar to the technique used to produce The Polar Express.

Based on three books in the series the film tells the story of how Tintin discovers directions to a sunken ship commanded by Capt. Haddock’s ancestor and sets off to dind it and the treasure than sunk with it.

It stars starring Jamie Bell as TinTin; Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as the detectives Thompson and Thomson; Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock and Daniel Craig as Red Rackham.

Watch the trailer below:

UK release: 26 October 2011

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