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The Best Slots Based on Movies

Spinal Tap

Feature by Jack Foley

ADAPTING movies into other mediums is never going to be an easy task. For every Goldeneye 007 there are a hundred Aliens: Colonial Marines and, while that might be hyperbole, it is only barely so. For most game adaptions of films, the best bet is usually to shake off an attempt at a perfect 1:1 recreation of a film, instead taking care to capture the spirit.

This is what slot games try, as they work towards a general feeling or theme. That is not to say that all of these are successful, but here we want to cover the ones which are.

Spinal Tap

This slot from Blueprint Gaming is one of the most highly regarded not just of slots based on films, but among all slot games. It accomplishes this feat by perfectly capturing the ludicrous nature of the fictitious band Spinal Tap, and also by blurring the walls the audience has grown to expect.

The Spinal Tap slot has a degree of interaction which is rare among casino games, being just as concerned with flash as it is with thrills. This makes the game perhaps not the best suited for those in for a fast-paced time, but for those interested in a spectacle, there are few slots better.


Released in 2012, this American comedy film written and directed by Seth MacFarlane was an instant success. Capturing much of the humour which made Family Guy such a worldwide hit, Ted involved juvenile with just the right degree of poignancy to become one of the year’s biggest hits.

The slot game, while decided focused on the humour side of the equation, does so with great regard for the source material. Taking some of the most memorable jokes and turning them into voice lines, players spin alongside Ted as they try to win the Thunder Buddy Bonus and keep the teddy in high spirits. While the sequel might not have done as well as the original, there is still hope that we might get a filmic sequel and another game.

Terminator 2

Whatever you think of the sequels, most of us can agree that Terminator 2 is one of the best action films ever released. With a terrifying bad guy, prime Arnie, and a kickass heroine, T2 remains one of James Cameron’s best.

As a slot game, Terminator 2 keeps things fairly basic. Reels, wins, and bonuses, all with a clean look with no wasted time. What makes this special is how well these basic features are suited and developed into the game.

The liquid terminator symbols transform, the classic red Terminator overlay shows up for bonuses, and the music keeps ominously building tension in the background. Though, to be fair, we did enjoy this game a little more after turning the music off, as after some time it could become a little actively stressful.

These are hardly the only decent movie based slots out there, but they remain as our picks for top three. We can only hope that, in an age where better film to game adaptions are only becoming more common, we see more such efforts in the future. If anything, this could be a perfect world for Michael Bay to explore, or should that be, explode?