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The Brothers Bloom - Preview

Mark Fuffalo in The Brothers Bloom

Preview by Jack Foley

ONE of the films we’re most looking forward to seeing at this year’s London Film Festival (2008) is The Brothers Bloom, the new film from Rian Johnson, director of Brick

For the Brothers Bloom, deception is an art and nothing is what it seems. Through years of fraternal teamwork, the brothers have become high-flying and expert swindlers. Stephen (Mark Ruffalo) brilliantly concocts intricate stories that the brothers live out, but he’s still searching for the perfect con, the one in which ‘everyone gets what they want’.

Meanwhile Bloom (Adrien Brody) yearns for ‘an unwritten life’ of his own, one not dreamed up by his brother. Eager to retire, he agrees to take part in one last scam, luring a beautiful, eccentric heiress, Penelope (Rachel Weisz), into an elaborate plot. When a genuine romance begins to blossom between them he is reluctant to exploit her naivet√©, but Penelope has already taken the bait.

According to Sandra Hebron, artistic director of the London Film Festival, the film confidently weaves together elements of high comedy, intense drama and winning romance, as well as putting a highly original spin on one of Johnson’s most loved genres, the con man movie.

“The dialogue is fast and funny, the leads play off each other to terrific effect (with Rachel Weisz in particular clearly relishing her one-of-a-kind role) and Johnson never misses a step, making this a clever and pleasingly unpredictable treat,” adds Hebron.

The film has already gone down a storm at the Toronto Film Festival, where reports suggest that Johnson has lost none of the wit, intelligence and sense of style he brought to Brick, while advance word from a number of UK journalists is also positive.

Most credit the performances, even though some have warned that the plot – at times – feels too convoluted. No matter, we’re confidently predicting that The Brothers Bloom will emerge as one of the better movies of the festival – and a great new con movie to boot.

It’s due to open in UK cinemas in 2009.